Soft skills

Professional insertion

Soft Skills days

As part of its COFUND programs, the FSMP organizes an annual day dedicated to soft skills. During this day, interactive workshops are organized on cross-cutting themes such as gender awareness, environmental impact and ethics in the workplace. Work sessions are also organized to develop writing and oral presentation skills.


Professional integration training days

Every year, the FSMP organizes the "Journées de formation à l'insertion professionnelle" (with the Association Bernard Gregory (ABG)). The aim of these professional integration training days is to prepare our graduates to seize the many opportunities that present themselves in companies, banks, and so on. The format is normally 3 types of sessions in small groups: defining your career path, promoting your skills to employers, preparing for an international career. Simulated job interviews are also offered.


Career Days

Every year, the FSMP organizes the "Journées de formation à l'insertion professionnelle" with the Association Bernard Gregory (ABG). The aim of these days is to prepare our graduates to better apprehend professional opportunities and to learn how to find a job in the private sector. These days alternate between group work sessions on themes such as defining one's career path, promoting one's skills to employers, and preparing for an international career. Meetings with professionals and mock job interviews are also on offer.


Forum Emploi Maths – Competitivity activity

The Forum Emploi Maths takes place every autumn in Paris. The aim of the event is to bring companies together with students and recent graduates, as well as with lecturers and researchers responsible for university training programs, through a variety of forums and discussion sessions. This forum is a real opportunity to develop your professional network and optimize your chances of finding an internship or a job.

More information: Forum Emploi Maths website


PhD Talent Career Fair – Competitivity activity

The PhDTalent Career Fair is held every year in October in Paris. It brings together several thousand PhDs and doctoral students wishing to pursue their careers in the private sector, as well as around a hundred companies (start-ups, SMEs, major groups, etc.). The PhDTalent Career Fair is the world's largest forum dedicated to recruiting PhDs and is an opportunity to develop your professional network and optimise your chances of finding a job.

More information: PhD Talent Career Fair website


Cross-sector and interdisciplinary training courses


Horizon Maths – Competitivity activity

Every year, the FSMP organises the Horizon Maths interdisciplinary conference, which brings together mathematicians from the academic world and the economic and industrial sector, or mathematicians and specialists from another scientific discipline. The speakers engage in cross-fertilisation in their fields to create lasting relationships.


Mathématiques en movement – Competitivity activity

Every year, the FSMP organises Mathématiques en Mouvement, a mathematics conference for undergraduate and postgraduate students, where speakers give short, accessible presentations on a theme defined for each edition.


Challenge Data – Competitivity activity

The winners can take part in the Challenge Data, a machine learning competition for Masters and PhD students. The projects are proposed and designed by start-ups and companies, which provide the participants with real data, the aim being to confront the students with real data processing tasks.

More information: Challenge Data website


Maths-Business study weeks – Competitivity activity

The MathInParis Cofund, a partner of AMIES, is organising the Maths-Business Study Weeks. Over the course of a five-day workshop, mathematicians and industrialists come together to work side by side to solve the real and important problems facing businesses today. The principle is as follows: industrial partners (usually 4 per SEME) come to present open problems, on which small groups (usually 10 per group) of junior and experienced researchers work together, possibly assisted by senior researchers, and then present their solutions/suggestions for solving them.

More information: AMIES website


PGMO Days – Competitivity activity

PGMO Days is a two-day conference for the international community of optimisation researchers. The Gaspard Monge Programme for Optimisation (PGMO) is an FMJH programme open to sponsorship.

More information: FMJH website


Mathematics for development with CIMPA – Outreach activity

The Centre International de Mathématiques Pures et Appliquées (CIMPA), founded in France in 1978, is a non-profit organisation that promotes mathematical research in developing countries. Winners can take part in :

- CIMPA Schools: This is CIMPA's historical activity, focusing on areas where there is a real desire to develop mathematics and where it is possible to carry out a research project. Calls for proposals are issued every year to organise around twenty CIMPA schools.

- CIMPA courses: This programme provides funding for the organisation of mathematics courses at Masters and research level in the geographical areas where CIMPA is active (Africa, Central and South America, Asia). Each year, two calls for proposals are launched with deadlines in early January and early July.

- CIMPA fellowships: CIMPA funds the participation of young mathematicians from developing countries in short-term thematic international programmes organised by some of our partner institutions. A call for applications is launched for each programme.

More information: CIMPA website


France Terre d'asile – Outreach activity

France terre d'asile is a French solidarity association whose main aim is to support asylum seekers and defend the right to asylum in France. If you are interested in teaching basic maths to young people (aged between 14 and 18) and would like to get involved in a meaningful solidarity activity, please contact us for more information.



Agoranov is a start-up incubator offering an incubation programme focusing on three verticals: Industry & Greentech, Digital and Health. More information: Agoranov website


Activities for the general public


Salon Culture & Jeux Mathématiques – Outreach activity

Every spring, the FSMP helps to organise the Salon Culture & Jeux Mathématiques, an event designed to promote mathematics to the public. Winners could attend the fair, but they can also take an active role by proposing and organising mathematical activities for the general public, helping to run a stand or answering various questions about mathematical research.

More information: website


Fête de la Science

Winners can take part in popularising science for society by taking part in science weeks such as the "Fête de la Science" organised each year by research laboratories in autumn.
For more information: website


Mentoring secondary school students – Outreach activity

Every French secondary school pupil (aged 14, 3rd year class) must complete a one-week work placement in a professional environment. Each year, the FSMP laboratories welcome 10 to 20 of these students interested in mathematics. By being a member of the host team, would be a unique opportunity for the fellows to reflect on their motivation, their passion and the skills needed to become a mathematician, and to pass on to young people the current challenges of mathematics.


Pi Day

International Mathematics Day is a worldwide celebration. Every year on 14 March (or 3.14 in English), all countries are invited to take part in activities for students and the public in schools, museums, libraries and other venues.

More information: website


Animath – Outreach activity

The aim of the Association is to promote the introduction, operation, development, networking, enhancement and institutional recognition of mathematical activities in schools, colleges, lycées and university-level establishments. Animath's work relies heavily on volunteers to organise events and, above all, to supervise scientific projects. Whether they are teachers, researchers, engineers or students, former beneficiaries of the association's activities or not, the association's many volunteers are united by their desire to share their passion with a wide audience.

More information:  Animath website